About us

Innovative solutions to everyday problems

We have a vast experience in software development and project management. Over the years we have encountered with many problems in more than 10 industries which we have had successfully solved!

If you need a software for your company or startup either web or mobile or you have an idea and want to talk about it or get a proposal, contact us via our contact form or via email


Web Applications Development

Custom tailored web application solution

Feel free to contact us and tell us your problem or idea. We can assure you that together we can find a solution that will be both challenging and affordable using latest trends and technologies in software development!


Mobile applications development

iOS and Android mobile applications

We know how to simplify your everyday activities and bring the solution on your mobile phone! Don't hesitate to contact us so we can talk more about your requirements.



We offer the following services:

Software Development

We enjoy doing what we do best! And that's creating new marvelous web and mobile applications!

Adapting Legacy Application to latest trends

We would love to hear what applications you are using and give you ideas about how they can be improved.

Startup Consulting

You want to have your own startup? We love working and hearing new ideas, so contact us so we can have a talk!

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